Larry King passed away this weekend - Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes are SET for the Superbowl - Lady stabs her husband because of a lady in the picture and the lady is her - Traffic was backed up BAD at a Vaccine Drive Thru in South Carolina and the Mayor called the MANAGER of a Chick Fil A to HELP them out! - Birthday Holla - Yes or BS the Bubble Wrap version on this National Bubble Wrap Day! - You Got Ghosted- Today Anthony doesn't know why Jessica ghosted him and it turns out she feels he's moving too fast and doesn't want to mislead him! - Percentage Game- Eight percent of People DID THIS after high school, both Rebecca nd myself did not do this, what's the answer? Slap Somebody Today- Today we slap the guy who stole an ambulance and ended up at a Drive Thru!

Behind the Scenes INFO

On the percentage game, Me and Rebecca threw out that we both DID NOT do this. Eight percent of people did this after high school. The answer is MARRY THIER SWEETHEART! I did come close.  I actually met the love of my life 2 years after graduating high school. Yep, we met at a Winerschnietzel.  We worked at the same Wienerschnitzel  and dated for a while. So, yes it was close to being a sweetheart situation, I mean we met when were young things.

Did you marry your high school sweetheart? How many years have you been married? I was surprised how low the percentage is for peeps who have married their high school sweethearts.

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