One of the coolest things I saw this weekend! Okay, this performance is pure fire! It popped up on You Tube and I'm so glad it did.
Her name is Nia Dennis and she is a UCLA gymnast! And, her routine is ALL THAT!
This past weekend she got the win for the UCLA Bruins. Her score of 9.95 helped UCLA get the win over Arizona State.

When is the last time you saw a floor exercise in gymnastics. Well, if it's been a while, then you need to catch this one.
Nia throws it down with some of her favorite hip hop joints. You can hear Kendrick Lamar, Beyonce and more in her performance.
And, the dance moves, yes they are on point. And, the gymnastics shows you she has the skills.

The performance had me dancing and clapping my hands. How can you not feel the energy in this awesome performance?

Another great thing I like about the video is the support from her teammates. You can clearly see them cheering her on and dancing along with her. That is awesome to see. You can tell they had her back and where there to support her.

From the reaction from the crowd, you can tell the audience was also dancing, singing along and bopping their head to this awesome performance. It's clear we are seeing the next generation of awesome gymnast. What's so cool about this performance, is that you know it's going to inspire so many future gymnast out there. A new generation, inspired by this awesome performance. And, I'm sure Nia will have more awesome performances in the future.

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