Facebook is now 10 years old!!! In honor of that milestone, here are 10 things you may not have known you could do on Facebook!

  • 1

    The World Is Turning Upside Down!

    Turn the text of your page upside down!

    Click on the gear symbol next to your name in the upper right hand corner.

    Go to Settings

    Go To Language and click on Edit.

    Change it to "English (Upside Down)

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    Ahoy Mates! We Be Taking Over Your Facebook!

    Change Your Menus to Pirate Slang!

    Click on the gear symbol next to your name in the upper right hand corner.

    Go to Settings

    Go To Language and click on Edit.

    Change it to "English (Pirate)"

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    Where's a Mirror When You Need One? This Text is Flipped!

    Mirror Your Text or Flip it Backwards

    Click here and then write some text that you want to post as your status in the first box.

    It will generate flipped and mirrored text in the second box.

    Just copy that text and then paste it to your Facebook timeline!

    You can have more fun with it by pasting that mirrored text back into the first box and messing with it some more!

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    Talk About Multitasking!

    Update Your Facebook Status Via E-mail!

    Login into your Facebook account and go to Account Settings.

    Click on the Mobile Tab and add your phone.

    Once you do, you'll get a "Post-by-email address" (ending with @m.facebook.com) which is specific to your account.

    Now just send an e-mail to that address with the subject line as your Facebook status. It'll post to your timeline.

    If you attach a photo with the e-mail, it'll be uploaded to your timeline as well with the description being the title of your e-mail!

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    Enough With The Game Requests!!! You Wish is Our Command!!!

    Put a stop to friends or relatives constantly sending you game requests/invites

    Go to Account Settings

    Click on "Notifications"

    Click on "Edit" next to App Requests and Activity"

    You'll see a list of games and apps and just uncheck the ones you want to receive notifications about anymore. If there are are newer apps or games, you can repeat this to disable them as well.

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  • 6

    You've Gone Too Far!!!

    Block that whole app!

    Go to Account Settings

    Click on "Blocking"

    Go to the "Block Apps" section in "Block Apps" Type the app name you want to block and select it.

    You can also block app invites by or Event invites from friends or family in the boxes above that.

  • 7

    Someone Please Save Me From This Group Conversation!

    Stop your phone or computer from dinging from those annoying group conversations!

    You can opt out of getting notified anytime someone says something without leaving the conversation by muting them.

    Just go to the message that's driving your crazy, click on the Actions tab on the right corner of the screen and click on "Mute Conversation".

    Doing this means you'll still have access to the replies, but you can read them when you want to!

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  • 8

    Take a Trip Down Memory Lane or Rather Your Facebook Timeline

    Download an archive of your Facebook Activity

    You can download a copy of your Facebook data by going to Account Settings

    Then at the bottom of the list of settings you'll see "Download a Copy of your Facebook Data"

    Click on that and then select "Start My Archive"

    Depending on how long you've been on Facebook and and how active you are, this could take some time for it to gather everything and download.

    For obvious reasons, you want to keep that downloaded file secret.

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  • 9

    How And When Did We First Meet (At Least On Facebook)?!

    See the history of you and your friend on Facebook!

    If you and your BFF have been Facebook friends since you could type, you can take a look back at your Facebook friendship.

    Just go to that friend's profile page and click on the arrow in the top right corner and select "See Friendship" in the drop down menu.

    If you added a relationship to your timeline, you can go to https://www.facebook.com/us and see the friendship page of you and the person you're in a relationship with.

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  • 10

    Alas, Poor Christopher Putnam, I Knew Him Well!

    Call Upon the Severed Head of Christopher Putnam!!!

    Who in the world is Christopher Putnam? He's the Facebook engineer who's been immortalized with an avatar! (Don't worry, we didn't know that until today either.)

    You can summon forth a thumbnail head of Putnam by typing ":putnam:" (Without quotation marks) in a Facebook chat or comments.

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