Leo and I had a discussion this morning about how, according to a new survey, more people say that these days, their phone is their 'most important possession.' Years ago, if the same survey had been taken, we would have said our vehicle to get us from point A to point B or our home, a roof over our heads is pretty important. So with that being said, have you ever lost your 'most important possession?'

I did the other day for about 10 minutes and you won't believe where I found it! So picture it, we're at the Houston Hobby airport where we had a layover on a recent vacation. Mr. Iglesias and I had found our seats on the plane and were settled in to head home. He pulls out his phone to put in on airplane mode before we take off.

As I go to reach for mine to do the same thing, I realize I don't have it! If you have ever met me even once in your life, you might know that I am extra. I tend to get a little over dramatic at times but you ain't seen nothing before that day! lol

I freaked out, jumped out of my seat, searched my purse, looked under my seat, made my man get out of the aisle, check his pockets, searched my neighbors. I mean, it was a spectacle. Then he says you better go check the gate where we were sitting. Say no more...

I raced to the front of the plane, told the flight attendants not to leave me, I would be right back and was off like Dora the Explorer on a mission! I ran to the spot where we had been sitting and lo and behold there was my phone chillin under my seat. Apparently it had fallen out of my lap and I hadn't even noticed.

Crisis averted! OMG! I could not believe, responsible, reliable me had done such a thing! Where is the craziest place you lost your phone?

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