When you were little did you ever try to cook an egg on the sidewalk because your parents or grandparents said it was 'hot enough outside to fry an egg?' I remember hearing that saying and thinking wow is that true? I didn't dare try it because my mother would have thrown a fit wasting food like that but it always fascinated me.

As I've gotten older, I realize that Texas heat is no joke and I know exactly what my parents meant when they said those kinds of things. I remember the little neighbor kid down the street would try to kill fire ants with a magnifying glass. I'm sure someone dared him to do it because once again THE HEAT!

If you grew up here in Texas you just know that the summer months can be grueling. Triple-digit heat in Texas is no joke! Many folks choose to stay indoors and do not bother with many outdoor activities on 107-degree days. Unless I'm going to spend time at the pool all day, don't bother trying to get me outside for anything, you will see me when fall rolls around.

But what if your home security cameras capture something insane that you never thought could happen in a million years? That is exactly what happened to one TikToker from Texas as he checked his home camera one day just to make sure all is well and discovered this! Thankfully the neighbors came to the rescue because it could have been so much worse!

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