Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Woman I've been dating wants me to MEET HER FAMILY, and she's upset because I said NO! I told her I would like us to get to know each other better before I do that. AND YES, it's because the last relationship I had, I made the mistake to meet her family very quickly and it ended up bad. I just want to take it slow, but now she's upset. We literally just started dating. How long do you guys think before one should 'meet the family'??

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Minnette Salazar
Just be honest with her .Just tell her you aren’t ready for that step yet.Just let her know you value your relationship with her and want to take things slow for now but when you feel ready you will meet her family .If she can’t understand that then she isnt the one !

Felix Aguirre
Meet her family and get in good so when yall break up they still invite you over and you can take your new GF to the parties..

Beatriz Adriana Romero
I would say 6 months then meet the family, that’s just me I’m the failed relationship expert lol

Tessa Rowell
Tell her you respect the relationship too much to move too quickly. If she can't understand, move on.

Ray Ray
I don't want to meet anyone's family, I know what you mean LOL. But on the real, just tell her hey it will happen but let's do me and you for a while before we do that. She may appreciate the fact that you want to GROW the relationship with her before you meet he parents and family. In the end, it should all work out either way it goes.

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