So have you been to any restaurants lately here in the 432? Let's be real; going out to eat was probably one  of the things we all missed the most while being in quarantine.   Who doesn't love to eat out? Well, I finally hit up two restaurants in the past 5 days and actually dined in.  I noticed that all the employees continue to wear mask while the customers don't.

But, the other thing I noticed is that restaurants now have their menus  printed on paper!  Will this be the new thing from here on out? I mean it makes since. We don't want to all be touching the same menu from hour to hour , day to day. Yes, you can wipe down the menus,but let's be real menus are not the cleanest thing. Some of the menus can get pretty nasty.

So, the solution is paper menus. You can throw them away after each customer. It kind of feels like they are giving you a child's menu to color.  But, if it works it works. Maybe  just a quick sign of the times.