Ummm why didn't anyone warn me? I actually ventured out this week to one of my favorite places to eat in the Permian Basin, for my favorite meal and lo and behold, it was not available! I asked the waitress, 'are you for real? That dish is the only reason I came here.' Poor girl was probably like yeah get over it lady, you gonna eat or not? lol (I wasn't rude and I know it is something out of her control.)

Apparently some restaurants have a revised menu. I was already intrigued by the paper menu that would be thrown away after I used it but was not prepared to hear that the meal that I order at this particular restaurant every.single.time. is not available at this time. Why tho? Where are my peeps who are doing an excellent job at restaurants right now? I'm curious to know why certain restaurants had to do this.

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