Why do we tend to eat so much while on vacation? lol Well I did last week and fell in love with a new restaurant that we don't even have here in the area. A place called Posado's, they served mexican food and it was good. But that isn't exactly why I loved it. When we first walked in, we noticed an ice cream machine with cones right next to it, so right away my family was thinking, 'yes, complimentary ice cream cones!' lol 

Don't you love when you walk into a restaurant and notice something like that right away? We sit, order, eat and at the end of the meal the waitress comes over and asks, like most restaurants usually do, if anyone has 'saved room for dessert?' Then tells us sopapillas are complimentary. Are you kidding me? For a family who loves to get their eat on....that's like hitting the jackpot! lol This restaurant definitely a fave next time we travel to this city again. Are there any restaurants in the 4-3-2 that offer the same?