Apparently I am on a 'facial mask' kick. lol Anytime I am at any store I find myself gravitating to the masks trying to improve the look and feel of my skin. I've tried the sugar scrubs, the over your face, looking like the Purge mask and over the weekend I went with the charcoal. 

The charcoal as you see pictured, by far was the craziest! This sucker gets stiff quick, to the point where you almost can't talk. You basically just sit and wait to be able to rinse it off. The only problem is with this charcoal mask, I was expecting to wake up looking about 10 years younger and unfortunately that did not happen. Ladies, is there such a thing? What masks have you tried that I need to give a shot, suggestions? By the way, yes I have done the coffee grounds and honey mixture homemade mask.....don't ask. lol

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