Any Texan has it built into their blood to love Whataburger. How could you not love it? They always seem to think up new clever ways to throw things upon a delicious bun of yumminess. Unfortunately, this causes a dilemma for me. They now have so many specialty burgers that every time I get there it takes me 20 minutes to decide which one to get. They're like the Netflix of burger joints lol...or is Netflix the Whataburger of online streaming video services? In their defense, Whataburger did come first. Sadly yes, it takes me a minimum of 20 minutes to decide what to watch on Netflix but I'm getting off point. From the A-1 Thick and Hearty Burger to the Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sammich, it's never an easy choice. If I had to make just one choice I'd have to go with the Buffalo Chicken Strip Sammich though... I think. What's your Fav?

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