I love giving props and shout outs to local businesses that deserve it. I think we all get annoyed with service in the 432 from time to time. Let's be real. Service in this area is usually pretty horrible. It's so bad that when I go out of town, I'm actually weirded out by how friendly and fast the service is.

That's not however the case at Swenson's in Midland. Their service is always friendly and fast. They really do embrace how things used to be in the Permian Basin. I eat there for lunch at least 3 times for over a year now. A lot of places have that one good moment when the service was awesome even though its horrible most other times, but at Swenson's in over a year, going 3 times a week, I haven't had a bad experience yet. That's actually pretty remarkable if you think about it.

I was talking about them and how freakishly good the service was to a friend the other day and he suggested that maybe they're just being nice because I'm in radio and they want to get a good review, but they have no idea what I do for a living. Anyone who eats there regularly knows exactly what I'm talking about. The service is just consistent and good.

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