I do the countdown every night and we tally up all the requested songs in the 432 but I want to know individually what your favorite song on B93 is. Mine is constantly changing. I think Bad and Boujee was my favorite for a while and before that it was On The Way by DJ Luke Nasty but I think I have a new favorite trying to sneak in. It's a pretty well known fact that I don't usually like it when a rapper takes himself too seriously. I've always thought it was lame and a sign of how insecure they are inside. I love Lil Dicky, Luke Nasty, Chance the Rapper, Eminem, and of course Childish Gambino. I also have a great deal of respect for Gambino because he started out on Youtube with College Humor and is also comedian Donald Glover. I got found on Youtube and have dabbled in stand up comedy, so it's no surprise that I love the new single Redbone by my main mane Gambino.

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