What's Your Fav Song?
I do the countdown every night and we tally up all the requested songs in the 432 but I want to know individually what your favorite song on B93 is. Mine is constantly changing. I think Bad and Boujee was my favorite for a while and before that it was On The Way by DJ Luke Nasty but I think I have a…
Popovich Comedy Pet Theater This Sunday
It's a Sunday Funday at the Wagner Noel THIS Sunday! Popovich Comedy Pet Theater is coming to town and it is a family affair. Popovich Comedy Pet Theater is a family oriented comedy and juggling skills show with the help of some furry costars.
Leo Talks To Carlos Mencia (AUDIO)
Carlos Mencia was in the 432 this past Friday! Before the show, he stopped by the studio.
Carlos has been doing this for over 20 years and he still goes 70 mph when telling jokes.
Check em out as he discusses family asking for money, dumb people hooking up with dumb people and more...
It’s National I Love Lucy Day
Today is National I Love Lucy Day and I have to say this girl DOES love Lucy! I have always been an I Love Lucy fan, when the show is on tv, I stop everything and will watch several episodes at a time. I've even had people buy me 'I Love Lucy' gifts over the years, I have a purse, som…