There are TONS of snack foods to choose from in the great land of ours. Everything from chips to candy to veinna sausages. The question is, What's your favorite snack food of all time? A recent list was compiled of the top voted snacks and among those, Doritos, Oreos, Gummy Bears, and Reese's Butter Cups were all in the top five. However, I don't think those people were raised in West Texas. No one ever heard of De la Rosa or Lucas? Hell, I didn't even know marzipan was the same thing as De la Rosa candy until I was in my 20's. Chili Powder? You mean Lucas? When I was in 5th grade "packing heat" meant you managed to get your hands on the extra spicy Lucas. Remember the salt lime flavor? We used to see who could pour out the biggest mound of that stuff and eat it all at once without making a face. Doritos are great but they seriously need to come up with a Lucas flavored Dorito.

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