This weekend it's going down, the BIG GAME! Who's ready? I am but not for reasons that you may think. My guy is ready for the game itself and he has already made it clear who he is rooting for. Me...not so much. I could careless about the football part of it, I'm just here for the food. lol

Let's be real, to be considered a 'good party' to watch the big game on Sunday, it's all about the food and snacks you will be serving. How many times have you had friends and family hit you up over the years to come 'watch the game.' What are the first words out of your mouth? 'What are you gonna have?' As in, what food? Drink? It's true! So let's make a list of items that better be served at your 'big game' watch party or I ain't coming! lol

  • chips and dip-preferably queso and guacamole but I'm down with a ranch or pizza dip too I'll still attend
  • wings-my man wants bone-in, I want boneless (ok chicken nuggets if that's what you want to call them)
  • pizza-several options please but pepperoni and cheese a must! I will come back for more throughout the game and after too
  • adult beverages-I'll bring my own but I need options-especially if that one family member brings his loud, obnoxious girlfriend that I can't deal with or your cousin brings her kids that will run around and destroy the house!
  • desserts-this is usually my area-I will bake a variety of goodies so that no one dares bring the nasty store bought icing-so-thick-I-think-I-got-a-cavity-taking-a-bite cookies

That should do it! Those few things will ensure a good time will be had by all this Sunday!
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