Must Have Foods At The Big Game Watch Party This Weekend!
This weekend it's going down, the BIG GAME! Who's ready? I am but not for reasons that you may think. My guy is ready for the game itself and he has already made it clear who he is rooting for. Me...not so much. I could careless about the football part of it, I'm just here for the foo…
Is This How You Spend Your Sunday?
How do you spend a Sunday afternoon? This is how it is in our house. With three boys in the house, there is no question about it. And you dang right it's going to be the 'Boys too! Sunday's were made for Cowboys football.
West Texas Pride Football Kicks Off Their Season This Weekend
If you're looking for a football fix because you're devastated the NFL season is over for now, I've got a solution for you! The West Texas Pride Football Season kicks off this Saturday night at Grande Comm Stadium in Midland. 'Ride with the Pride' as another exciting seasons…
Odessan in Super Bowl
Ok what rock have I been living under that I had no idea one of Odessa's very own was going to be playing in the big game this Sunday? Odessan Marcus Cannon, former Odessa High School football standout and now starting offensive lineman for the New England Patriots will be playing in the S…

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