It doesn't matter if you're white, black, asian, mexican, purple, blue, or polka dotted. If you grew up in WTX, you know what this is. Tootsie pop think they cute with their "how many licks does it take" slogan. Vera Mango should be "how many licks can you take?"

Here in West Texas we don't like a food that doesn't bite back a little bit, and our sweets are no exception. You've heard of pixie dust? If a fairy were from west texas they'd sprinkle Lucas everywhere and call it Tex-Mexi Dust. Lol our kids here eat things hotter than most Yankee adults can handle. I swear I tried to feed my son a bottle when he was 3 months old and he spit it out and said, "dip the nipple in some cholula vato!" Its just how we do here in the wild wild west.

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