Bare with me on this one. I know it's kind of ridiculous but I think this has potential to be pretty funny. I'm kind of wondering if cat people and dog people share similarities in what they think their pets would name them or if they'll be completely different.

Dog people I would assume will come up with loving names from their furry friends because dogs are usually perceived as friendly, loyal, and overly happy to see them. Dog people also have to have a ton of time set aside to give their fur baby the attention they need in order to keep them from getting bored, depressed, or attention hungry.

I predict that cat people on the other hand will be quite the opposite. While cats can be very loving (when they want to be), they are also a lot more independent and don't require the massive amounts of attention that dogs do in order to feel complete. Cats at times seem disgusted and appalled by their human counterparts. This in itself is a part of the charm of owning a cat.

I'm betting my cat would Dub me Shoe Strings because that seems to be her favorite part of me. I can't walk 10 feet in the house with my shoes on without her sneak attacking my feet.

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