A new survey found the most annoyting bathroom habits of men and women. As a wife and mother with 3 boys in the house, I believe only men have bad bathrooms habits but that's just me. lol I would also say that without a doubt the one that gets on my nerves the most for men is #1 on this list! Here are the top 5 for each sex:Women:

1.  Leaving a mess on the seat if they "hover."

2.  Not properly disposing of feminine hygiene products.

3.  Not bothering to flush.

4.  Not washing their hands.

5.  Taking too long in public bathrooms, and causing a long line.


1.  Not lifting the seat to pee, and getting it wet.

2.  Not putting the toilet seat down.

3.  Not bothering to flush.

4.  Aiming badly and leaving puddles on the floor.

5.  Not washing their hands.



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