Most of us have things we are afraid of or little quirks that make us weird. I'm no exception. Hell, I probably have more than most people. I'm a very quirky person. I hate spiders. I'm genuinely afraid of port-a-potties because I read a news story where a guy sat down in one and a black widow was hiding under the lip and bit him in his junk. People who drive in the passing lane bothers me more than most people. I refuse to acknowledge that girls poop and/or fart even though I grew up wit 2 sisters. Those are just the tip of the iceberg but the one that bothers me the most and comes up more than all the others is kind of embarrassing.

I can't poo in a public restroom if someone sees me going into the stall. They just aren't private enough. When I was about 14 years old, I was using the restroom in a truck stop bathroom and I looked up and noticed that some creepy dude was straight up staring at me through the crack in the stall. I guess he didn't expect a small teenage boy to yell out "You getting an eye full you f***ing sicko?" as loud as I could. He ran out. I laughed hysterically, but it still messed with me. I will straight up yell at someone in the bathroom for being overly talky or noisy. Don't talk to me while I'm in a bathroom. Don't make weird noises while you're using the bathroom. As a matter of fact, don't make any noises out of your mouth while in a public restroom. Simple lol.

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