Anyone other parent ready to throw their whole kid away? This type of thing seems to happen more when they get back to school. It is not unusual for me to open the fridge, the freezer, the pantry or a cabinet and see this sight. Why me?

Legit one of my children did what you see in the photo. And trust it's always, 'I didn't do that he did or it wasn't me, she did it.' lol But lastnight when I opened the refrigerator to put some leftovers away, I see that instead of taking the one drink left out of the little plastic ring thingy, it got put back as is. (insert eye roll here) It was just too much to rip off the plastic and put the one drink back on the shelf.

Do your kids do this kind of thing? Here is a list of other things these crazy kids have done lately:

  • put a juice bottle of milk jug back with literally 3 drops left in it
  • put an empty cereal box back in the pantry
  • leave a half full can of soda in the fridge
  • leave either 1 paper towel or almost no toilet paper for the next person
  • put back a box of Hot Pockets or cheesesticks or any other kind of frozen back in the freezer with only 1 item left in the box
  • put the bread back in the pantry with only the 2 butt ends left because they don't like them
  • eat 1 Poptart out of the package and leave the other for 'later'

I mean can the list not go on and on? I'll take a page from my kids book and say, 'omigosh you are so annoying!' lol I hear that on the regular, especially from my teen.

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