This may possibly be the worst photo I've ever taken. My eyes have more bags than a bandit that just robbed a coin star full of pennies. THIS my friends is how you weekend. All these cute 20 year old girls wanna act like they went hard over the weekend taking duck face selfies Monday morning looking rested like a prince just woke them up from a 20 year nap with true love's first kiss. Meanwhile I'm over here looking like the only kiss I got was the kiss of death. The question is, what could I have possibly done to wake up looking like this even after I had a Sunday to recover. NOPE! I like my job thank you. If I told you guys the details of my weekends I would be banned by court of law from speaking to anyone under the age of 25, let alone talking on the radio. Y'all ain't bout that life.

#thethuglifechoseme #allididwasplaycardswithacoupleoffriends #stayeduppastmybedtime #imold #someonepleasegetmeawater #FWM

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