Oh I see how it is. Leo wanna be blamin' stuff on me and posting likenesses and what not. I kid, I kid.

Seriously though, where the hell did he find a cartoon that resembled me that much? It's kind of ridiculous. I'm sitting here laughing so hard I can barely even type this right now. Touche pimpin', touche. I feel like Ron Burgundy from Anchorman right now. "I'm not even mad. That's amazing."

FYI the speakers being blown had nothing to do with me.

...Ok, maybe I like to jam those Back in the Day Friday jams a teensy bit too loud. Maybe people do have to come in and tell me to turn it down several times a day. Maybe I do aggressively accuse them of being The Man trying to keep me down, or tell them I didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose me then turn it up louder. I can't help it. That's my jam son, but I AIN'T DONE NOTHIN'! COME AT ME BRUH!

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