Can cowboy boots be gangsta? The correct answer is, I don't care. You may remember my blog about not liking new shoes and how I like to just wear the same shoe as much as possible until it dies. So I got to brain storming and came up with a solution. BOOTS! The answer is so simple! Cowboy boots last longer than their owners do. Think about it. Every boot sportin' old dude I've ever known is either buried in his boots or they end up being door stoppers at his widows house. We're in west Texas after all. Throw down about $180 bucks and you just got yourself a shoe for life. A sole-mate if you will. The best part is, boots look better the more you mess them yup. There is one catch. They take a few days to break in and get maximum comfort. On a side note, the smell of a boot store is like the most manly and greatest smell on planet earth.

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