Look, everything is virtual now, right? Well, if you can't have the real thing then the 'virtual' version may be the next best thing. And, that's exactly why we have a 'virtual fish tank' here at the radio station.

It's located in the hallway that leads to all of the radio station control rooms so you can't miss it.

Look, I have actually owned a REAL fish tank and yes I did love it but, wow it was a lot of work to keep clean.  Well, no worries about that with the 'Virtual Fish Tank'. It's always clean.

All you need is a extra TV with Wifi. You then look up 'At Home Fish Tanks' and BAM you get many videos to choose from.  If you don't want to waste Wi-Fi you can also loop the video on a thumb drive and stick it into your TV and put it on LOOP!.

Yes, the 'Virtual Fish Tank is just as CALMING, and Soothing! LOL

My favorite part are the bubbles! Well, I must go feed the fishes....wait don't need to! Love It!