Summer is almost here. If you are looking for a different kind of summer experience and fishing happens to be your thing, have I got the spot or spots for you! I bet you can mention any of these Texas lakes to do and he will be ready for a fishing excursion right away.  

This is why we love dad, he's easy to please. I know many fathers who take full advantage of the warm summer months because it means they can spend the weekends fishing with some buddies or teaching the little ones how to fish.


Lake Ivie-located less than 3 hours from us, (55 miles east of San Angelo) I grew up going fishing with dear ol' dad and our family at this lake. I remember many a fish fry with all the catfish dad would catch here. For more info about fishing on Lake Ivie visit this website.

Possum Kingdom Lake-considered 'The Great Lake of Texas,' Possum Kingdom Lake is a short 4-hour drive from Odessa-Midland. According to, you will encounter more than 18,000 acres of crystal clear water and

Possum Kingdom Lake has the amenities and services to meet your every need, from first-class dining and resorts to some of the finest marinas and golf courses in Texas.

Enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities including boating, diving, swimming, fishing, hiking, cycling and golf.

Lake Brownwood-located less than 4 hours away, this would be the best weekend fishing getaway! Large mouth bass and catfish are fish you will more than likely catch the most of this time of year but there is so much more to Lake Brownwood than just fishing. Visit this website to check out water and land activities.

Snake River Fine-Spotted Cutthroat Trout

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