This week is National Child Passenger Safety Week and as a mother of 3 I cannot stress the importance of car seats and child safety when in a moving vehicle. Nothing chaps my hide more than seeing a toddler in the front seat of a car driving next to me on the road. That might have been ok back in the 80's but we've come a long way and there are so many different car seats out there and many of them reasonably priced. 

I'm so passionate about this, all three of my children were in booster seats for as long as they are legally required to be. To this day, there is still a booster seat in my ride for my youngest.

Are you familiar with car seat laws and if you have children, do you know if your car seats are properly installed?

According to Gene Powell with TX Dot Odessa,

We know that roughly 65% of the car seats are not installed correctly and  depending on age and weight and height of those kinds of things the rules vary for people eight years and younger.

According to the CDC, Texas law requires that all children younger than eight years old, unless they are taller than 4 feet 9 inches, be secured in a child safety seat whenever they ride in a vehicle.

If you would like for your car seats to be checked to make sure they are installed properly, Odessa TX Dot will be doing car seat inspections from 3 to 5 pm at Music City Mall today in the parking lot near JCPenney.

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