Checking one's bank statement on a Monday or late in the month can result in some gut-wrenching reactions, and Tyga had a similar experience in court Tuesday (Oct. 18) when a lawyer representing a jeweler asked him about is spending habits as they relate to girlfriend Kylie Jenner. As TMZ reports, Tyga said he felt extremely ill, lost his memory and became confused, telling Boris Treyzon, who represents the jeweler, that he couldn't go on any further.

As the celebrity news site reported previously, jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills has hired the same lawyers who represented Tyga’s former landlord and reached settlement with the rapper over unpaid fees. Seeing that he paid to settle his debt elsewhere, the jeweler has retained the same legal representation to seek a similar resolution.

As seen above, Tyga sends some not-so friendly gestures toward the paparazzi before entering court, where he was to speak on the debts he owed for a chain and watch.  He reportedly told Treyzon about his income and what he owns but lost his cool when the questions shifted to Kylie. At the center of the questioning was the many gifts Tyga seems to give Kylie, such as the Maybach he bought her in August for her 19th birthday.

So Tyga's extravagant purchases are either a put-on, or he has the dough to settle his jewelry debts. The hearing's been rescheduled for November 1, when Kylie is as well set to come in for a separate interview.

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