Yep! It's Finally here folks! We've waited and waited and waited. The building there for months just taunting us with it's promise of deliciousness. It was almost a form of torture. Finally the wait is over and Carl's Jr is here, open, and it smells amazing. Leo, Rebecca, Mutley (from KBAT), and myself all went there for lunch today. I will probably also be there for dinner as well.

What's your favorite item on their extensive menu? Personally, I the the Western Bacon Burger is my fav. It's huge so I can never finish it and always have left overs. I'm so happy!

On a side note, Rebecca is looking awfully gangsta today ins't she? Dat bandanna tho. The truth is, she told me if I posted a pic of her eating she would cut me so I improvised. Wish me luck.