I was super impressed with Odessa's top 5 highest-rated restaurants list. I decided to tackle Midland, however I don't get to Midland much so I'm not sure I have tried all of the restaurants on this list? Let's take a look at Yelp's top 5...


Librado-4610 N.Garfield Ste.D4-Ooh yes I did eat here recently. Someone had suggested I try the grilled chicken cheesy risotto. It did NOT disappoint.

Taco DiVino-111 W. Oak Ave.-no need to wait for taco Tuesday to try this one! El Caesar and Holy Pastor are my 2 favorites and the corn, you have to try the corn!

Doris J's Kitchen-4200 W. Illinois Ste. 160-fried catfish and fried chicken? Ok, I smell soulfood, I'm in! Never tried it but my coworker eats here on the regular. I'll add to my list of places I must try this year.

Tall City Bistro-400 W. Illinois Ave.-I am loving the variety on this list. Jackie on Yelp says

The food is amazing and the owner is so pleasant and welcoming. The homemade tortillas are to die for. We will definitely come back.

Addie's Diner-304 E. Florida Ave.-A few of the 'most mentioned' dishes on Yelp are the chorizo scrambled breakfast combo plate, the California burger and the chicken fried steak breakfast combo plate. Gosh my mouth is watering already!

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