Look at that! What you see on the left is just the bacon I picked off at the protest of my inner fat kid. There is still a metric butt ton of bacon actually in the salad. If this was a mixtape, It'd be the most fire mixtape of 2017.

Don't get me twisted. I love bacon, but I ordered a salad so my fat ass could maybe not continue in the act of fatting all over itself. Then out of nowhere Michael's hopped up and said "GOTCHA B*TCH! NOT TODAY!" Lol Michael's is pretty much  my favorite place to eat for lunch btw. The only thing better than the food is the service. All I'm saying is if you think Michael is about to let you go hungry on his watch, you got another thing coming. What part of this salad makes you think he's playin'? If he was a Super Hero, his super power would be cooking awesome burgers and his arch nemesis would be world hunger. Hunger gon learn today!

LOL! That should be their slogan!

Michael's Charcoal Grill...

Hunger Gon Learn Today!

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