Try This To Make The Perfect Bacon
As I was making breakfast for my littles this morning, (mother of the year I know-lol) I realized something. I make bacon differently than most if not all peeps. I learned a little trick years ago from a family friend and I've been making bacon this way ever since.
Here's What You Can Get Me
I discovered the older I get, the easier it is to buy Christmas gifts for me. Gifts period really. I'm more practical in my 'old age.' lol I was out and about the other day and came across this....BACON IS LIFE! Even moreso, bacon made right is life. So THIS would be perfect for me if…
talking bacon
This morning show loves bacon! But, where does Texas rank on loving bacon?
If you had the choice of bacon or sausage as a breakfast side which one would you choose?
We discuss our love of bacon and where Texas ranks below.
Leo and Rebecca – Like Bacon and Eggs!
It's Halloween and time for another Costume reveal for Leo and Rebecca! Last year we were Danny and Sandy form Grease. This year we are hitting up breakfast.
Have a safe Halloween!!
Leo and Rebecca talk about their costumes here: