I was eating a sandwich at home the other day, because hello, you just can't beat a homemade sandwich every now and then. My lunchmeat of choice is turkey, with cheese of course, good old Velveeta slices, with lettuce, tomato (which I did not have at the time) and mayo. However something was missing...

then I immediately reverted back to my childhood. Somehow I remembered that my momma used to put chips, typically Fritos in her sandwich and crunch the sandwich down. Like push it down where they would break up into little pieces and tear it up. I'm pretty sure that at the time I cringed and made a face...that is until I tried it for myself.

Once I did I was hooked and until the other day, I probably have not had a sandwich like that since I was a little girl. Talk about memories flooding back. I might add that this also works really well with Doritos (any flavor) and good with bologna as well. lol

I mean really any chip and lunchmeat of your choice. The next time you eat sandwiches at home, introduce this to your kids because that is usually where it comes from like with me. You see mom or dad try it and think, well it can't be all that bad?

Sandwich with chips stuffed inside is what's for dinner!

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