Only in Texas at Christmas. I saw this the other night and thought to myself, no one outside of Texas gets to experience the beauty of this sight and that is sad. A beautifully decorated, completely lit up pump jack baby! Oh yeah!

And that got me to thinking, wait a minute there are a few things we only do here in Texas at Christmas time that no other states have to deal with. lol

Only in Texas:

  • will we not have a white Christmas-no snow until maybe February, IF we're lucky
  • do we make tumbleweed snowmen-see above
  • do we make mud snow men-we do what we've gotta do
  • do you see tractor's pulling trailers in a Christmas parade carrying caroling children
  • does your mall or parade Santa wear cowboy boots or a cowboy hat and no one bats an eye lol
  • will you see a 'western Christmas' theme of lights on your house or your tree
  • is it 80's degrees in December-especially this year!
  • are we wearing shorts on Christmas day

It's a great day to be a Texan! Born and raised, I think we have the best Christmas traditions by far. Merry Christmas and a safe, Happy New Year to everyone!

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