Being on the web all day, it’s interesting to see the different ways people get to Some of it comes from all the crazy posts we do on Facebook, some come straight to our website and then there are some that find us on search engines like Google.

But some of the searches that  lead people to our site are little strange. Check out some of the different things that made people click on B93! Click on the title to see the story behind each of these strange searches.

  • 1

    Do We Have School Tomorrow

    This is always a big thing with parents and kids alike. While kids are out for summer break right now, you know it's going to be important when it starts back up.

  • 2

    Kim Kardashian Then And Now

    Everyone's favorite socialite. When she's not picking out baby names, shopping with Kanye or trying to fit into latex dresses, we were wondering if she's been getting work done.

  • 3

    Craigslist Odessa

    This one had a lot of people tlaking after a Craiglist ad of an Odessa guy who wanted a homeless girl to stay with him in exchange for cooking, cleaning and participating in “bedroom fun.”

  • 4

    Bon Qui Qui King Burger

    I remember this when Anjela Johnson came to perform at the Wagner Noel. Leo was soooo funny doing his impersonation of Bon Qui Qui

  • 5

    90s Bash Midland TX

    Who could forget the 90s Bash? It was so much fun! I remember seeing so many of our Back in the Day Friday fans there!

  • 6

    Jimmy Fallon Ewwww Skits

    How can you not love Jimmy Fallon skits? This one had Will Ferrell, and The First Lady joining Jimmy for Ewww. Rebecca loved chatting about it the next day.

  • 7

    Songs With Booty in the Title

    This was among the earliest blogs for Leo and it still reigns true today. Who doesn't like hearing about a gorgeous booty?!

  • 8

    Guys Pooping

    Seriously? People googled 'guys pooping' and found a radio station website. Well, actually, it was a blog that Leo did about an officer videotaping guys pooping. You can't make this stuff up.

  • 9

    Worst Thing to Eat While Driving

    This one was a blog Leo did back in 2013 about what foods are the best and worst to eat while you're driving.

  • 10

    Dad Wears Booty Shorts

    OMG, this story. I'm just glad my dad never did that to me which is why I'm sure a lot of people wanted to watch the video.


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