If you grew up in West Texas then you are probably no stranger to wildlife. I just stumbled on this picture from a friend on Facebook and decided to give this public service announcement.


The rattlesnakes are already coming out. Make sure you stay aware of where they could be and keep in mind that most of them no longer rattle to give you a warning anymore.


Two years ago I was in mid step when a friend kindly alerted me of what I was about to step on. He was half a step ahead of me and had stepped right over it without it so much as making a sound. While its surprising enough that it didn’t strike at him being within inches of it, I’m sure I wouldn’t have been paid the same courtesy had I stepped on it. I was just inches away from putting my foot down right on top of it and it stayed completely quiet.


They’re getting smarter. Rattlesnakes have learned that humans will seek them out and kill them if they rattle so many of them have stopped giving us a friendly warning so please take my warning instead. Luckily, these snakes aren’t particularly aggressive or eager to strike in my personal encounters with them but all it takes is one to make you regret you didn’t stay aware of your surroundings. They are almost invisible if you aren’t paying attention.

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