The Christmas countdown is on and is your office in the mood? Did your office actually decorate this year? Did your office put up Christmas lights or even a Christmas tree?
You know sometimes you see a lot of Christmas decorations all over the place and you wonder if maybe some offices are getting into the Christmas spirit or not. I think it's a great thing when offices decorate and get ready for the holidays. If there is one place where you really need to be cheered up by Christmas cheer, that place is definitely the work place. I mean, we all put up decorations at home; Christmas trees at home and so on. It's great to go to work and be reminded that it's Christmas because Christmas decorations are up at work. I think putting up decorations at the office actually helps the team members work.

We have had Christmas decorations up for about a month-and-a-half here at the radio station. There are lights on the outside and in the inside we actually have a lobby that's got some Christmas decorations up. There is a little train set, there is a little Christmas tree and there is an elf. I don't think it's an elf on a shelf; it could be. Our elf is actually pretty big and he's got his hands up holding whatever you put on it. So, I decided to put one of my favorite things on top of the elf; a Domino's Pizza. We love Domino's here at Townsquare Media so why not? I thought the ELF deserved some pizza. So, when you come to the Townsquare Media Lobby, you will see Christmas decorations and our little elf. I think we're going to call him the Pizza Elf. Why? Because, he loves Domino's pizza. By the way, the Pizza Elf has a little 'awesome' surprise....for some.

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