Okay let's take a trip down memory lane  right quick. Let's talk favorite Christmas gifts of all time. I'm talking childhood Christmas gifts. I can right off the bat, off the top of my head, give you my top three boom just like that. A girl will never forget her favorite doll and 1 that I received as a little bitty girl was a Strawberry Shortcake doll that blew kisses. She had a little bonnet, she had red hair and when she you squeezed her tummy she blew strawberry scented kisses.

As I got a little older and they became more and more popular, I wanted a Nintendo. It was the thing back in the day. So my parents got me one....I'm talkin the classic the original Nintendo and they got me was called a running pad to go with it where I could run with certain games and jog and get some exercise it was so cool! My first ever game console, Play Station ain't got nothin' on my OG Nintendo!

My third fave was around the time my parents finally allowed me to have a phone in my room. Now that was a big deal. Clearly we didn't have cell phones back in the day. I got a light up phone one year, it was transparent so you could see everything inside the phone and when it rang, it lit up. Imagine me late at night, past my bedtime, turning off my ringer because it wouldn't ring and wake up my parents but because it lit up, I still knew when my friends were calling. What gifts were your favorite as a kid that you received?



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