Why do many of us hate to be scared but love a good ghost story? It's me. I am 'many of us.' I can honestly say I have not watched a scary movie in years, decades even. When you grew up with two older brothers who loved nothing more than to scare you any chance they got, you tend to end up being the biggest chicken on the face of the earth. But for some odd reason, any time I'm near someone telling of some crazy stuff that happened in their home, I'm all ears. lol Why am I like this?

Growing up, my 4th grade bestie lived in a haunted house I swear. And my foolish self regularly spent the night with her. Smh. She had the oldest, ugliest little blonde doll in a rocking chair in her room. Hair a mess, eyes that followed you, I hated that thing but she loved it and despite my pleading with her to put it away when I stayed over, she never obliged. Well one night we both came to regret it.

We had just finished watching movies, snacking, stayed up late but when we finally got tired and went to bed, she knocked out right away. I was awake staring at the ceiling, until I heard a noise. I knew it, I already knew what it was. It was late, everyone was in bed. Lo and behold my friend was not in fact asleep and she tapped me to let me know she heard it too. She was the brave one. She sat up, looked toward the corner of the room where that stupid doll was, grabbed my hand, yanked me out of bed and we both ran!

I didn't ask questions, I took off with her. She ran to her parents room to tell them what had happened, (I didn't even know yet) turns out this scary, ugly, antique doll was rocking in her rocking chair! Here's the thing, my friend was fearless. She was the girl who would hear a noise outside and go check it, at midnight even, she did not care! And this night she was terrified so I believed her, especially when I heard the noise too.

So was her sister. She was the first one that ever showed me what 'that scary board' that rhymes with squeegee was, I'm not even trying to call it by name but I sure never had anything to do with it.

That same year, my friend told me her family began to experience things in that home. Mysterious sounds of chains dragging the floor were a regular late night occurrence and doors that were closed would open by themselves when no one was even near them. All it took was the 1 incident for me to never stay in that house again and thankfully they moved out and in fact moved out-of-town not long after.

That was my first and hopefully only ghostly experience ever. I'm not down with that mess! lol

What ghost story do you have to share?

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