The moment you realize that in 4 short years, 1990 will have  been 30 years ago.

It's not very often I feel inanely old. Sure, I joke about being old but that's just because I don't feel old very often. However, realizing that 1990 was that far back pretty much stopped me dead in my tracks. I had the sudden urge to write my last will and testament and go coffin shopping. On top of that, I realized that the day The Lion King came out in theaters, is closer to the date of the MOON LANDING, than it is to today's date. Feel old Yet?

Here's a few other things that may also make you feel old as dirt.

1. The Motorola Razr cell phone is now in a museum. I'm not making that up. Google it.

2. A 15 year old kid is younger than the first Mp3 player.

3. In 2012, Titanic was re-released in the movies and tons of kids were mind blown because they had no idea that The Titanic was a real ship that actually sank. . . Not sure if that makes us old or them stupid.

4. Reading Rainbow is now 33 years old.

5. It's been over 10 years since Trix cereal was actually shaped like fruit, and as I'm sure you're aware, they are no longer for you because Trix are for kids.