This is a tough game so I will give you guys a few hints. Our internet guy came up with the idea to play this game and I thought it sounded kinda fun being a native Midland/Odessa dweller myself. I grew up here and I don't think there's any way I could guess it without a hint or 3. . . .or 5.

1. This business doesn't exist in anymore in our area.

2. There is an apartment complex behind the building.

3. You may have gone school shopping here if you were born in the early to mud 80's

4. This building has been empty for several years.

5. This business is still going strong in a lot of other cities and it's hard to believe it fell off here.

I hope my hints helped lol. Again, I know this is a tough one. . .until someone guesses it and everyone else acts like they knew it all along lol.