Personally, I have no earthly clue what this is, but my girl went absolutely nuts when she saw these. I was a Zero bar and Whatchamacallit kind of kid as far as chocolate goes. What were those things called that had the candy dipstick and the 4 packets of powder? You licked the stick then dipped it in the powder. That's not something you can just google as far as I know so this is going to drive me nuts trying to remember the name of that. What about that horrible powdered bubble gum that came out of that mini gallon jug thing?

Personally, I have to give that title to pretty much all of the Lucas candies. The lime salt was how we measured the manhood of another kid. How big of a mound you could put in your hand and lick off all at once, was a direct indication of how tough you were when I was walking the halls of Sam Houston Elementary in the 4th grade. I never met a single kid who could do a who could do a whole container one at once.

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