Back in the Day Friday is definitely my favorite day of the week. The late 90's and early 2000's were my high school years, so these are the golden years of not only hip hop and R&B, but any genre of music.

I like it all from Dre to my inner basic white girl's favorite, Ace of Base. For me, the 90's was easily the greatest time for almost every genre of music. It was really the first generation where people stopped listening to just one or 2 genres and just enjoyed music. 90's Kids are pioneers who just loved music and started seeing that every genre had something to offer. It all started in the late 80's and early 90's with Public Enemy and Anthrax or Aerosmith and Run DMC collaborating and showing us that Rap and Rock were't natural enemies like people once thought. 90's gave birth to Genre's like SKA and Rap Metal just because we could.

All genres aside, who's your favorite popular back in the day artist?

My Pics:

10. The Offspring

9. Blink 182

8. Marilyn Manson

7. Mystikal

6. Busta Rymes

5. Outkast

4. Missy Elliot

3. Snoop

2. Emenim

1. Nirvana