Cyan, our beloved receptionist posted on Facebook today that she had worked here at Townsquare Media for a year now and didn’t even have her pic on the TSM Wall of Fame.

Our Digital Sales Manager Josh being the proactive person he is decided to take action and was kind enough to ask me to partake in the curing of this issue. So Cyan, here it is.


Your very of place in the Townsquare Media Wall of Fame. You now have a place among the Stars of the 432 like Leo Caro, Rebecca Cruz, Kevin Chase, Gwen the Morning Show Idol, Spencer Bennet, Tawny the Rock Chick, Michael Todd,  and last as well as least, the escaped mental patient who terrorizes the fine people of the 432 every afternoon on the 432’s Party Station, yours truly Chris Brizzown.


. . . P.S. I stole some candy from your desk while you were distracted.