As the precious lives lost during the Robb Elementary school shooting that took place last week in Uvalde, Texas are being laid to rest, we are hearing stories of these innocent souls. Stories of the teachers who lost their lives being heroes, wives, mothers, sisters, daughters. The beautiful children and what they were like, how they were looking forward to summer, graduating to the next grade level and what they wanted to be when they grew up. 

Now one Texas man is doing everything he can to show the personalities of each of these angels who tragically lost their lives. According to CNN, Trey Ganem, with SoulShine Industries out of Edna, Texas

was contacted by Texas Funeral Directors Association to make custom caskets for each of the 18 children.

Ganem and his son worked day and night to work on all of the caskets to customize each individual one.

Ganem says he met with family members of the victims to curate customized designs and themes for each casket.

Typically each casket would run upward of $3,000, however, Mr. Ganem has not only received donations to help cover the cost, he also says that 'he did not think twice when asked to create these beautiful, personalized caskets for each of the victims.'

The process is very involved, each casket is custom painted. Mr. Ganem explained to CNN that

We take the casket completely apart, and we paint the hardware, we paint the bars...

God Bless Trey Ganem with SoulShine Industries for his talent, selflessness and time donated to create such beautiful art and continual blessings for the victims and their families.

You can view this YouTube video via KENS5 out of San Antonio, to take a look at some of the caskets Mr. Ganem custom-made.

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