Seriously, it's been a crazy week and I sure could use a good joke right about now. Hell, to be perfectly honest, 2018 has been a crazy year. It started off with a wreck that totaled my truck. Everyone was ok so all in all, I can't complain. After that we had a slab leak at the house which wasn't cheap to fix. Then we had the crazy carbon monoxide leak that literally almost killed us. Let's not forget about the A/C going out so I've been without heating and A/C for the past 20 days (but it's getting fixed friday and the weather has been pretty awesome so again I can't really complain too much). My son had a REALLY big issue at school with some bullies, and my fiance currently has a severe cold, strep, and a severe ear infection all at the same time. It's all things we will see our way through. It's just been stressful is all.

I am usually the one trying to make everyone else laugh but I could really use you guys' sense of humor right now. Lay em on me. LOL please make me laugh.

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