As a first time adult pet owner (I had dogs as a kid), I am still learning things about having a dog that just blow my mind. In case you have never heard anyone say, 'having a dog is much like having child' you're hearing it from me now because it's true! I was up at 3 a.m. giving my little one medicine for a stuffy nose and a dog regurgitating whatever he picked up outside during the day. #teamnosleep right here! 

Having a dog is much like having another child in the house amirite? I should know, I have 3 children, only 1 dog thankfully. lol Let's make a list of some similiarities:

  • dogs get sick just like adults and will leave their insides anywhere in your home at anytime for you to clean up-YUCK!
  • dogs will wake you up at anytime of night to go out, if they hear, smell or see something


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