I visit My grandfather every week at his retirement home in Midland and I love seeing him. However, I've had it up to here with the place he's living at. Their brochure makes the place look like an elderly paradise with "daily activities" and "chef prepared meals". While they have a few options on their menu every time I go there, the menu sounds great until you get the food to your table. This is what they served him last night. This was the entire meal. I have nothing against beans and cornbread but he pays over $2000 a month. That's the cheapest any one of their residents pay btw (as far as I know). There are over 100 residents there.

When I asked them for a pricing chart they couldn't provide one. When I asked them to show me a bill that might explain why he pays so much every month they couldn't provide that either. Keep in mind he pays over $2000 a month for a small bedroom. Not a 1 bedroom apartment, just a bedroom and a bathroom. They told me it's for "amenities" like their shuttle. My grandfather is in a wheel chair. Their shuttle doesn't even have handicapped access. Can someone please explain to me how you can have a shuttle at a retirement home that isn't handicapped accessible?

On top of all that, after 7:30 they lock the doors and there is no staff on duty. The only way to get in is if one of the residents personally comes down and lets you in. What if your retaliative is in trouble or just lonely and is unable to come down? This is absolutely unacceptable. This is flat out taking advantage of the elderly. Is there something I can do?

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