This is Grandaddy Brown. Most Odessa people know him as Coach Brown from Ector Jr High. He took my father in after my dad's biological father died when he was about 13 years old. My father took his last name and I actually had no idea that my biological grandfather was actually from Mexico until I was almost 12 years old. This man married my grandmother and took care of her two kids from another man and all the baggage that came along with it.

Growing up he always seemed to get me. When my smart mouth was getting me into constant trouble with my parents, he was always the one in the background doing everything he could not to laugh. He's in a nursing home now. Mostly because after his wife (who was also an Odessa teacher) passed away, he became lonely in the house they shared together. Now that he lives in Midland, I get to go visit him every week and have dinner with him so I'm thankful for that.